In the last 10 years, innovation-driven companies have outperformed their competition by over 200%. Our innovation programs make companies transform into future-proof, customer centered organisations.

OUR innovation Programs

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Innovation Strategy

6-12 month program

Industries are being disrupted. Digitalisation is forcing even the strongest market leaders to accelerate. Traditional strategy consulting is running behind. In this scenario, we are helping large organisations to think ahead.

We support many leading organisations in shaping and executing their growth and innovation strategy. Based on these insights we developed an innovation strategy program that can help you to take the next leap. 

We look for impact. By delivering an innovation strategy we can help you to turn your growth mission into actions.

Innovation Accelerator Program

6-month program

The biggest difference with shorter innovation programs (like a Facebook Hackathon) is the fact that you give employees the chance to structurally incorporate a new mindset and methodology to execute radically new ideas.

The goal of our innovation accelerator program is to embrace innovation in a structural way within your current longterm business strategy. We help companies to create and support ‘venture teams’ (internal startups) that are developing new business concepts outside of the core business, within a short period of time, typically 3-6 months.

Small Business Innovation Program

6 -12 month program

The Innovation Planning Program is an in-depth focus on how a small to medium business can set their business up for the future through innovation and how they can develop new ideas and more importantly... Bring those ideas to life!

The aim of this program is to ground you in the basics of innovation from generating ideas through to planning your activities & innovation funding. In this course, you’ll gain & develop insights for creating products and services that your customers want and need. You’ll gain practical knowledge and tools to help you set your business up to navigate the fast-paced world of innovative change.

Innovation Culture Program

6 month company Program

Every business environment is changing at a rapid pace. Skills and mindsets required to run a business in your industry are changing too, from technology advancements, strategic repositioning right down to shifting global trends.

In this scenario, businesses need to activate change management initiatives and transformation programs at a scale and pace never seen before, to keep the business culture focused on what really matters. 

Striving for a company culture that allows your people to sense and respond, rather than being controlled, and where your most progressive talents are incentivised to promote a culture of change. 

Innovation Leadership Program

4 Month Talent Development Program

Leadership is about being an inspiration to the people around you, leveraging problems as opportunities and building sustainable systems to support the growth of your organisation and its people. 

Our leadership program is a structural talent development program for potential leaders, which aims to grow the skills and capabilities needed to lead the organisation through the change and disruption we are seeing in the business environment today.

We guide potential leaders through an enriching and methodologically structured experience. The goal: to shift the corporate mindset into a flexible, startup-minded and customer oriented innovation approach. 


Innovation Day Sprints

1-2 Day Workshop

We organise and facilitate innovation days and strategy events for organisations, small business & non profit entities.

The driver to set up a workshop for your business could be very different depending on the specific business and context. Depending on this goal we would focus more on the training of new tools or the quality of the final business concepts.

During the one-two days you want to inspire people, develop relevant business concepts for the company, and learn some new innovation tools along the way that the business leadership & it’s employees can implement in their every day operations.

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