Preparing your future leaders.

Leadership is about being an inspiration to the people around you, leveraging problems as opportunities and building sustainable systems to support the growth of your organisation and its people. 

Our leadership program is a structural talent development program for potential leaders, which aims to grow the skills and capabilities needed to lead the organisation through the change and disruption we are seeing in the business environment today.

We guide potential leaders through an enriching and methodologically structured experience. The goal: to shift the corporate mindset into a flexible, startup-minded and customer oriented innovation approach. 


What to expect from our leadership program.



  • Micro: Personal development

  • Team: Applying the tools and techniques to your day-to-day job with your team

  • Macro: have an impact on your organisation and its business



  • Technology enables startups to be serious competition for any business, being an agile leader is critical

  • Customers expect more: better and faster

  • Hierarchical organisation structures are no longer most effective to thrive success



  • Actionable knowledge that drives action and causes a result

  • Talented ambassadors who will spread an innovation culture through your company


4-month talent development program.

The leadership program by Elephant & Co is a highly intensive program to grow the capabilities that will be needed in the organisations of tomorrow, to drive them into times of disruption and uncertainty.

Instead of using long theoretical sessions, we structured the program around real business cases, where multi-disciplinary teams develop an idea from scratch to executive pitch, tackling challenges on all possible levels. Below you find a general overview of the end-to-end development program of 4 months (a 2-day module per month). 

The entire program can be tailored to the Talent Management strategy of your organisation.

Focus on specific skills:

  • Creative leadership

  • Turning failures & problems into opportunities

  • Team collaboration and constructive feedback

  • Customer empathy

  • Agile and lean development

  • Creating value for internal and external stakeholders

  • Power to react to change in a positive and dynamic way

  • Spreading an innovation culture through the organisation 

Module 1: creative leadership.

Input: a group of ambitious people

  • An eye-opening introduction to the rapidly changing environment within  and beyond your organisation

  • Several ideation rounds to come up with loads of creative ideas

  • Rotating teams are analysed to shape ideal teams for the rest of the program

Module 2: customer experience.

Input: 1 top idea each

  • Each team discusses ideas to end up with 1 project

  • We provide the right frameworks and coaching

  • Designers join the teams to prototype their ideas

  • Teams should end with a clear value proposition & 1st prototype

In between the modules? 

  • Apply the new techniques, learnings, and methodologies to day-to-day job

  • Validate project assumptions by interviewing (internal) clients

  • Stakeholder management

  • Analyse feedback and iterate

  • Extra personal and team coaching if requested

2 types of coaching support

  • Lean startup coaches help the teams to develop their project in an agile an lean way and they focus on the future implementation of the projects (hard skills).

  • Leadership coaches observe during the workshops, give personal and team feedback, focus on collaboration and support the stakeholder management (soft skills).

Module 3: business model innovation.

Input: (internal) client feedback

  • Value proposition design for all parties involved

  • Business model design: value exchange between stakeholders

  • Monetization techniques: how to  capture that value

  • Prepare interviews for business model testing

Module 4. sales pitching as a top priority.

Input: draft investment pitch

  • Feedback rounds to  improve 10-minute  pitch

  • Presentation skills: storyboarding, Q&A, and so on…

  • Presenting ideas to decision takers (Shark Tank style pitching)

  • Implementation challenges and final wrap-up

Designed for different seniority levels

  • Up and coming Leaders potentials (graduates)

  • Middle management

  • Senior management - Executives and C-Suite



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