Purpose Driven Business Journal

Purpose Driven Business Journal


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We are sure every single one of us has had many a day where you go home feeling like you have not accomplished anything. You have so many balls that you are trying to juggle at once, and how do you continue to do this when emails keep coming in, your to do list continues to grow, and the piles of paper on your desk keep mounting up?

The E&C Business Journal is specifically designed for business professionals to help maximise their productivity at work. Through feeling like you have been productive at work, you will be able to lead a more enjoyable and stress-free home life, as you can come home feeling more accomplished at work.

The journal allows you to reflect on who you are as a person, and what goals you want to achieve both at work and in life. We have a number reflection questions that you are to fill in, and continue to reflect on as you go through your journal experience.

For each week in the year, we have a weekly reflection on what the main tasks and projects you want to achieve each day and week. At the end of the week you are able to reflect through your scoreboard on how successful this week has been for you. 

Every month you are faced with a serious of questions that tie in the lessons that you have learnt each week, as well as the goals that you set out at the beginning of the Journal.

We encourage our Journalists to keep this either on their desk at work, and use the journal to its maximum potential. The journal will act as your own personal scoreboard, and will help encourage you to feel more confident and productive at work.

The benefits of using a journal will be long lasting, and will ensure that you have a happy and vibrant future.

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