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thinking, leadership, innovation & growth for all tradies


With such rapid advancements happening in technology and automation, the way we do things is changing every day, and often at a pace we can’t keep up with. Automation is taking over some of the most routine tasks performed daily by Tradies so it is vital that all Tradies are aware of what changes are taking place in order to adapt and prepare for the future, otherwise they risk getting left behind.

Over the last 10-15 years the trade industry has experienced a boom in the amount of work available to them, however, that boom is now in decline - Tradies must start thinking about how they can do things differently.  

The problem is that most Tradies have never actually been taught the right way to run a business, therefore, they feel stressed and overwhelmed just trying to keep their business afloat, unable to invest the time into actually improving their business. Not only that, they face the challenge of trying to adapt to the enormous changes that are happening in automation and advancements in innovation, and most simply bury their heads in the sand. This is not the answer.  

At Elephant & Co. we have the answers. We teach Tradies how to work on preparing their business for the future by discovering better ways of doing things through developing innovative solutions that keep them at the forefront of change. We have years of experience working with a number of Trades to help them future-proof their business. During this time we have noticed the number of Tradies that are overwhelmed by the changes that are taking place, unable to get off the tools and don’t know how to find solutions to their business problems. This is why the Tradie MBA program was birthed, to help provide the tools and resources for Tradie business owners and leaders to not just survive, but to thrive and grow for a better future. 


This course is for any Tradie who wants to grow their business x10, by innovating and developing new business strategies that will see them be a leader in their trade, well into the future. 

You may be a Tradie that owns your own business and wants to take it to the next level, an entrepreneur who wants to expand their business into new areas or a leader in your trade who wants to develop new skills and learn how to lead and manage better. 

This course is for you! 



The Tradies MBA is a four-month program where you will complete one new module every month. Each module will challenge your thinking by introducing you to revolutionary concepts, teaching you new skills and developing your professional leadership, all while positioning your business for success in the future. 

We like to call it going from your Trade Business 1.0 to Trade Business 2.0.



In line with the insights and expertise of our industry partners and expert advisors, we’ve created an intensive program that provides you the support, frameworks and networks you need to successfully build, launch and manage both digital and physical products in the modern economy.

Across each week you’ll complete real business work with the support of experts, building your product management prowess, in line with current best practices.



The Kickstarter Module is a one-day session where the Elephant & Co. team will help you build new foundations for your business by introducing you to our E4-Theory of Thinking, Leadership, Innovation and Growth. 



The ‘Realign your thinking’ module shows you how you can change your mindset and thinking in order to future proof your business. This course will also teach you everything you need to know about changing from analogue to digital.



This module will teach you how to become a great leader within your business to achieve maximum results. You will also learn about the power of successful marketing to take your business to the next level. 


This module will help you dig a little deeper into the nuts and bolts of your business. We will help you develop good systems in all areas of your business, from accounting and finance, corporate governance, legal requirements through to testing and prototyping – everything you need to know for implementing innovative outcomes in your business. 



This is where you will bring together everything you have learnt in the previous modules to help you manage innovative change long term. This module will help you instill an ongoing E4 culture of Thinking, Leadership, Innovation, Growth in your business so you are built for future success. At the conclusion of this module you will present your new Trade Business 2.0 to the team.


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How will you learn?

We know your time is precious that is why we have made this course interactive, engaging and easily accessible so that you can learn at a pace that is comfortable for you, and in a way that you can connect with. Our teaching will be made up of online modules that you can work through on your new Apple i-Pad*, face-to-face sessions, so you can network with other like-minded Tradies, and one-on-one coaching and mentoring sessions with the Elephant & Co team. You will also have access to industry experts who can help you realise your business goals.

Face to Face, Coaching & Mentoring, Online Learning, Industry experts, Ongoing Networking, Tradies MBA App

*All Tradies are given a new Apple i-Pad, with all learning modules uploaded on our MBA Tradies app. – at the end of the course the iPad is yours to keep!

success stories

“Elephant & Co. delivered the complete package with our businesses education.

From go to woe, Elephant & Co provided an excellent education product that was tailored to my companies needs. Their MBA Program allowed our company to maximise our potential growth outside the usual line of our businesses practices, to the point we now have a whole new division of our business thats completely new from our core offering."

- Mark Mullinder, Trade Tech Software


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