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about the athlete school

The Athlete School exists to provide relevant, practical and accessible education and coaching to assist athletes, both during and post their careers. One of the hardest times an athlete will face is when they transition out of their sporting careers with no clear plan or purpose for their life.

For many athletes the end comes suddenly. They are removed from the structured and supportive environment they have always known into a world of uncertainty. They are no longer identified by their sporting achievements and this loss of identity leaves many athletes vulnerable to serious issues such as depression, anxiety and/or substance abuse.

Our aim is to see every elite athlete in Australia transition out of sport with a clear direction and purpose for their future, giving them every opportunity for success in their next stage of life.

If you are an Athlete that is worried about ‘what’s next’ then we would love to help you discover your passion and purpose so that you are set up for every success in your next stage of life.

This is why The Athlete School was born!

After a 10-year career in the AFL system, our head of The Athlete School, Dennis Armfield, came to the end of his career feeling anxious and uncertain about the next chapter of his life. Dennis left a structured environment that he had known for so long into a world where he lacked purpose and direction.

Dennis thought he was prepared for his transition out of sport…but he was wrong. Retiring at the age of 30, with only a partially completed podiatry degree, bills to pay, no daily structure and struggling to deal with the lack of purpose and belonging he once knew he struggled in his new life.

Rather than sit back and feel sorry for himself Dennis decided to take action. His life motto of ‘LIVE TO GIVE’ gave him the passion and drive he needed to develop an organisation that would address the issues that every transitioning athlete faces. Dennis’ vision is to provide easily accessible programs that allow all athletes to prepare themselves for life after sport, so they won’t have to suffer the way he did.

This is why The Athlete School was born.

The Transition 

an unspoken world

a short book By Dennis Armfield

In this short book I have outlined the some of the issues that I personally have had to deal with during my time of transition since retiring from the AFL in 2017. Some of these issues will resonate with you and others may not, but hopefully by sharing my story, it will encourage you to change your thinking towards your future because sport doesn’t last forever. 

My hope is that whether you are an athlete, an employee, business owner, or in any significant sort of transition in your life, that some of what I have to say may be of some help and encouragement to you.

- Dennis


We are solutions focused


At the Athlete School we have identified the main points of pain for a transitioning athlete and have therefore created a comprehensive program to address these issues. We guide and coach athletes in all areas of transition so that they can thrive in their next stage of life once their sporting career is over.



Who are you if you’re no longer a sportsperson? What do you want to become in your next stage of life? We help athletes rediscover their identity and create new pathways for their future. 



Throughout an athlete’s career, all they have known is structure. When to train, what to eat, when to sleep, where to be etc. Everything has been mapped out. This sudden loss of structure can leave athletes feeling lost and disorientated. We work with athletes to rebuild structure and healthy habits in their everyday life.


Support Network

When an athlete’s career ends they leave behind their support network of teammates, coaches, managers and mentors - they lose their sense of belonging. We work with athletes to utilise their current networks and establish new ones to help them along their journey of transition. 


Self-worth / Purpose

We understand not every sports career ends by choice, it can happen suddenly and without warning. This can greatly damage an athlete’s self-worth and purpose leaving them feeling lost and isolated. The Athlete School has a team of experienced coaches and mentors to help athletes rediscover their self-worth and purpose.


Education, qualifications, work experience

Most athletes finish their career with no real form of education or qualifications. Many athletes feel completely stuck when it comes to finding a new career path. Our program helps athletes utilise their strengths and make the most of new opportunities to build future pathways.



During their career, most athletes have a manager, or team of people, who take care of their financial needs, via contracts, endorsements and other opportunities. Many relinquish their financial responsibilities leaving it up to their manager to take care of. When their sporting career ends the sudden burden of managing their finances for the first time (especially on the back of a huge pay cut) can become extremely stressful. We educate athletes on how to navigate these unspoken issues. Please note: we are not a financial service provider and we do not offer financial advice


our Programs


launching in 2018

Many athletes have great business ideas, concepts or visions but just don’t know how to get them off the ground. To help you on your road to success, we have developed our “STOMP to STAMPEDE” program to help you put legs on those innovative business ideas. This online program will teach you how to take an idea and turn it into a reality.



The 5th Quarter program provides athletes with a new found direction and purpose post their sporting career. It gives them the training and skills required to find success in their ‘5th Quarter’ - life after sport.



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