The 5th Elephant - The importance of Storytelling

Storytelling or ‘the narrative’ is something often mentioned in businesses, especially in the marketing department. We are always looking for that 1%er that will give us an edge in capturing our audience’s attention and imagination. But the truth is, storytelling has been critical for a long time now.

We only need to look at some of the great speakers, thinkers and leaders to understand the success that good story telling can bring.

Today, we think we are starting to understand the importance within our organisations of how critical it is to use stories properly. A story gives our ‘brand’ soul, that helps us reach a multitude of generations and make a company relatable.

The 5th Elephant eBook, with guide you through the science behind a good story, the power it can bring to a leader or business and also has a handy little guide on how to craft your own story!