purpose driven business journal


How we start our day, often determines how we spend our day doing and the quality of things achieved. Each day adds to our future journey. So, what if we actually ‘lived our lives by purpose’?  How much more productive, fulfilled and focussed do you think your life might be?  Starting each day with clear intentions and a positive outlook will help us achieve our future goals and ambitions.


The E&C Business Journal has been designed for business professionals to help maximise your productivity at work and home. The journal allows you to reflect on who you are as a person, simplify you week, month and year and to plan out and live your life with purpose and passion.

Journal Features:

  • Introduction to E&C’s E4 theory
  • Goal planning activity
  • Monthly and yearly reflections
  • Inspirational Quotes
  • Weekly planner and scoreboard
  • Life clarity worksheets
  • The journal is timeless, so you can start anytime!

Just imagine if every day, week and month you were able to sit back and reflect on all the positive contributions that you have made, both at work and at home?

Only you can control your future and live your life by purpose. So how will live yours?


Let the 365 Journal help you live your life with more purpose.