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Whether your business is large or small, Elephant & Co delivers solutions to business owners and leaders who are responsible for the bottom line and their teams.
Our coaching services have strong emphasis on helping you Think differently, Lead wiser, Innovate more and Grow your business by 10 times (its size, bottom line, thinking - where-ever you are wanting growth). To coach a business leader to be able to competently coach their own business, is the greatest gift a business specialist can give their client. Our goal is to equip you, the business owner or leader, to be able to coach your senior leaders and your whole team - through to the success you aspire to.
Elephant and Co have proven experience providing executive leadership advisory for short, medium and long-term outcomes. Our advisory team has deep experience and skills across sales, operations, marketing, strategy, human resources, finance and risk management focused at the small to medium business sector. 

We are specialists in facilitating the outcomes you need, fulfilling your vision, and positioning your business or brand for long term sustainable success.


Our Services

  • 1 on 1 CEO / Business owner coaching 
  • Coach the Coach Training
  • Senior leadership team training, with numerous business tools 
  •  10x Consulting
  • Business strategy, mergers and acquisitions 
  • Full access consultancy to the Australian Research and Development Scheme

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