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Elephant & Co  is a leading Business School - Advisory - Think Tank, for small to medium business owners and leaders.

We believe that if our small to medium business sector is strong and healthy, it builds stable families, greater community engagement and helps promote a prosperous economy.

Our team at Elephant & Co, works with small to medium business owners and leaders in implementing the tools to establish an environment that allows for continued Thinking, Leadership, Innovation and Growth. The tools are tried and tested methodologies, which are easy-to-learn, easy-to-coach, and will result in 10x the outcomes. 

Trunkworks is E&C's Think Tank - our own research and innovation taking place daily at E&C HQ.

From our Megatronics engineers to our Mechanical engineers and all the amazing business thinkers that work within Trunkworks, our goal is to solve the problems that make a difference to our business and those we coach.  


the E&c team

Our E4 theory

The Elephant & Co business philosophy is built around four pillars, otherwise referred to as 'Our E4 Theory'. E = Elephant.  These are:

Elephant 1: Thinking:  "as the business owners thinking goes....so goes the business." 

Elephant 2: Leadership:   "business success rises and falls on your ability to lead."

Elephant 3: Innovation:   "We either choose to embrace innovation, or we bury our heads in the sand.  As a business, unless you are innovating, you are going to die."

Elephant 4: Growth:  "Without better thinking, great leadership and a culture of innovation, you wont grow.  Growth and Sales are the end product of applying the first 3 elephants."



At Elephant & Co. we address 'the elephant in the room' when it comes to the REAL issues in businesses.  Through our coaching, we refuse to let clients bury their heads in the sand.  Our colour coded elephants cement our coaching style of teaching as we empower business owners to thrive in these 4 business pillars. 

For us, it's about: Thinking Smarter, Leading Better, Innovating More and with all this said and done...Growing a business 'the elephant & co way' is the ultimate goal. 

Elephants by nature are also wise, fun and have real impact......we'd like to think our team has the same on the businesses we partner.


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