Our Aussie Tradie Dilemma

By Jeremy Thomas, CEO of Elephant & Co.

By Jeremy Thomas, CEO of Elephant & Co.


With long hours, stressful physical work, poor job security and a culture that puts down being open and sharing hardship.  No wonder our Aussie tradies are at high risk of breakdown and suicide. 

Put in the melting pot:

  • Never been taught how to run their business
  • No sales training
  • Dirty conditions
  • An insecure marketplace for tradies with the introduction of automation
  • Robotics & Automation
  • Competitive tradie market that needs you to work harder to stand out from the crowed

Throw it all together and what do we have? 

A recipe for disaster.


Faster and faster, more and more we are starting to realise the changes that are occurring around us day to day.  This as we have pointed out causes stress and tough conditions to thrive as an Aussie Tradie. Automation will change the jobs that we do, but it will mostly change the way we do our jobs.  Tradies are no exception, and with automation taking over some of the most routine tasks, Tradies will find that they have more time to spend working on their business and not in it.

Over the last 10-15 years the trade industry has experienced a boom in the amount of work that was available to everyone, however that boom is now in decline. Tradies are faced with a future where they have to find better ways, more innovative solutions and work on preparing their business. As mentioned, the problem most face is that they have never been taught where to start or how to run a business – and most bury their heads in the sand to numb the realisation, they are stuck and ont know what to do.

My name is Jeremy Thomas and I’m the Director & CEO of Elephant & Co – a practical, innovative business school that brings fresh ways of learning right to where the learning needs to be at.  For example, we (E&C) work daily with a number of tradies and deal with the problem sited above – they are real and legitimate concerns. This is why we birthed our Tradie MBA program – to help provide the tools and resources for Tradie business owners and leaders to thrive and grow their business in todays market. 

School for tradies needs to be relevant, comfortable, imparted in ways the learnings would be sticky and help them right where they are at. 

School done the E&C way for Tradies looks like this – 6am-8am, egg & bacon roll in hand with coffee in other, we sit and teach business basics, practical teachings and put in place accountabilities and networks for their businesses to use our teachings that very day.  For those that come at night from 5pm-7pm, it’s Hamburgers and beers, in a relaxed setting for our teaching to hit them right between the eyes and most importantly – it works.

Don’t be a tradie that accepts the status quo, burying your head in the sand and ignoring the issues you deal with daily.  You don’t have to be a tradie who works long hours, stressful physical work, with poor job security and be a part of a culture that puts down being open and sharing hardship.

Come and join the Tradie MBA – a revolution for doing business as a tradesperson a new fresh way.  Download our Tradie MBA program outline now and find out more about how you can join this revolution.